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This section contains a number of news articles that address the breast health and in particular breast cancer mortality inequities in the city of Chicago. The list includes a variety of topics and subjects that are relevant to the daily work of the Task Force and Quality Consortium.

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2017 Articles

2016 Articles
1. Feature in Komen Chicago's Monthly E-letter
2. Illinois women hit 'disproportionally hard' by record state budget impasse
3. Women's Group Urges Lawmakers Not to Cut Breast Cancer Screening
4. Avon 39 Chicago Walk to End Breast Cancer raises over $4.1 million
5. Mammography Team Supports Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force Health Fair
6. Governor, Breast Cancer Awareness Advocates Differ On Funding Approach

 2015 Articles
1. Why Are So Many Black Women Dying of Breast Cancer? (O magazine)
2. Dismantling women's cancer coverage could prove deadlyicon
3. Closing the gap in breast cancer disparities: A report on the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Forceicon
4. Let's Party with a Purpose
5. Disparities in Breast Health

2014 Articles

1. At last, Chicago's breast cancer "race gap" is shrinking
2. Executive director of Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force pushes for health care equalityicon

2010 Articles
1. Chicago_racial_disparities_significantly_higher
2. Chicago_Sun-times_Racial_Gap_Growing
3. Chicago_Tribune_Quality_of_Care
4. Women_rally_for_mammogram_funding
5. Group Rallies for Mammogram Funding
6. More Money for State Mammogram Screening Program

2009 Articles
1. Survivor Offers Advice to Breast Cancer Patients
2. Breast Cancer Screening Being Reconsidered
3. MCBCTF Announced Members of Quality Consortium

2008 Articles
1. Breast Cancer Death Rates in Chicago
2. Breaking Down Death Rate Disparity
3. Breast Cancer Mortality Gap (White_&_Black)

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