Quality Consortium


In the early 2000’s, there was a large and growing disparity in breast cancer mortality between Black and White women in Chicago. An African American woman in Chicago was more than twice as likely to die of breast cancer compared to a White woman. Back in 1980, there had been little difference in the death rates between Black and White women. But as advances in breast cancer treatment were made, it seemed that some benefited more than others from the progress in breast cancer care, and this may have led to the disparities in survival.

In response to these findings, the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force was created, bringing together community leaders, advocates, and healthcare providers to work together to look at the root causes of this disparity and to find solutions that could impact mortality for Black women in Chicago and improve breast cancer care for all women.

The Task Force published a report with a list of 37 recommendations to address factors that may contribute to this disparity in breast cancer mortality. The recommendations centered around three main concepts:

  • Access to Care (both access to screening and timely access to treatment)
  • Quality of Mammography
  • Quality of Treatment

To address these issues, one of the recommendations was to initiate a data sharing project among health care providers.  Through confidentially sharing data on health care quality, root causes could be identified, solutions generated, and ultimately, lives saved. In 2008, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation provided funding to initiate the Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium.

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