Retha Cooper, BSN, RN

Nurse Navigator

Retha Cooper is the new Nurse Navigator for the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force. Retha has twenty nine years of experience in the area of Hematology/Oncology; of which twenty three of those years focused on physical assessment and navigation of clients in the Breast and Cervical Screening Program. Before coming to the Task Force, Retha worked at the City of Chicago Department of Health and University of Illinois School of Public Health where her responsibilities included coordinating all aspects of the Breast Cancer Program. She also performed physical assessments within the guidelines of research protocols focused on the breast and cervical areas, coordinated care to ensure competent services for Breast Cancer patients, and maintained a database with information related to the breast cancer program. Additionally, Retha served as navigator for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, directed enrolled patients, and family members to appropriate departments. Furthermore, Retha facilitated patient care through health education, which included information related to chemotherapy, surgical information, counseling, and support services.


At the Task Force, Retha will be responsible for navigating patients though The Extra Help Extra Care Program.


Phone Number: 312-942-0338


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