If you would like to contact us for assistance in scheduling and obtaining your mammogram (screening or diagnostic) please call us at 312-942-3368 or fill out our intake form here (English) or here (Spanish) and we'll call you.

Below are some things to expect and think about before receiving your mammogram. 

• To get a mammogram, you will need an order from your doctor. Contact your primary care physician, gynecologist or family physician to get an order.
• Different insurance plans have different healthcare providers. Consult your insurance plan to find out which mammogram providers are available to you.
Click here for a list of Mammography Centers in Illinois
• This is a list of FDA Certified Mammography Facilities. Remember your insurance may not cover mammography at all these centers. Check with your insurance plan before scheduling your mammogram.
• If you are enrolled in any of these programs (Medicaid/FamilyCare/HFS Medical Card/Medicare/Veterans Healthcare) contact your doctor.

Here are some questions to ask your mammography provider to see that you get the highest quality mammography:

  1. Will the mammogram be read by a mammography specialist - also known as a breast imaging specialist?
  2. For women younger than 50, is the mammography machine digital?
  3. Will more than one radiologist interpret the film? (It helps to have two radiologists independently interpret every film)
  4. How many mammograms does the lead radiologist read annually? (The FDA recommends doctors read at least 480 a year)
  5. How long will it take to receive my mammography results?
  6. If the results of the mammogram are suspicious, what are my next steps?
  7. How do I get ready for my mammogram?
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