PSO Policies & Procedures

The Nation's First Patient Safety Organization Dedicated Exclusively to Breast Health

In September 2009, the Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium received its federal designation as a Patient Safety Organization. This designation allows the Consortium to collect patient safety and quality data from participating providers with additional federal confidentiality protections. Such protections encourage providers to share data so that deficits can be identified in a non-judgmental manner and improvements can be made.

The Consortium, with our expert advisory boards developed standard data collection tools for breast cancer screening and for breast cancer treatment. In the spirit of the patient safety movement and for the good of those interested in replicating our efforts, we are sharing our tools and our policies and procedures. To the side you will find:

• Year 1 Data Collection Tools
• Patient Safety Policies and Procedures used by the Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium

If you have questions about any of the tools or procedures, please contact us at 312-942-3368

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