In Depth Analysis of Women's Breast Care

The environmental scans with consist of a series of interview to be conducted with verbally consented staff at each institution representing the following areas: screening, diagnostic imaging, surgery, reconstruction, radiation, medical oncology, supportive services, case management, registrar, administrative services, and breast cancer leadership. The interviews will focus on the breast cancer care process and will review patient education materials, discharge instructions and other communication methods. Interviews will be conducted within one day.

ES-Leader_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (77 KB) (71 KB)

ES-Radiation_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (62 KB)

ES-Registrar_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (63 KB)

ES-Screening_and_Diagnostic_Interview_Script_v01-2 (77 KB)

ES-Supportive_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (58 KB)

ES-Surgical_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (61 KB)

ES-Systemic_Therapy_Interview_Script_v01-2011.doc (64 KB)

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