Advocacy Day 2013 Talking Points

IBCCP Talking Points

IBCCP is woefully underfunded at this year's funding level

• In Illinois, the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP) provides free cancer screenings to women who are uninsured. Because Latinas and African American women are more likely to be uninsured, they rely disproportionately on this program here in Chicago.
• The IBCCP is serving less than 10% of the eligible women
• This fiscal year, IBCCP ran out of funding for screening mammograms after only 4 months.
• There are over 6,500 women on the waitlist and the number could grow to over 10,000 by July
• Using national statistics regarding the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer per 1000 screened, there are over 60 women currently who have undiagnosed breast cancer who have been turned away from IBCCP screening so far this year and that number will likely be over 100 by year end. Their cancers are growing silently and their chances of survival are diminishing every month that they wait.

Health Disparities

• The lack of access disproportionally effect African American women who have a significantly higher death rate from breast cancer
• Here in Chicago, a Black woman has a 62% greater chance of dying from breast cancer compared to a White woman.

Why ACA implementation does not justify cutting IBCCP funding

• Some of the women served by IBCCP will not be eligible for the Medicaid expansion and will remain uninsured.
• Although the Affordable Care Act will provide health care services to many uninsured Illinois residents, it will not be an immediate impact on the uninsured population. Prior expansions show that full enrollment will take several years, not several months.
• IBCCP should be a key component of outreach to enroll women who are eligible for Medicaid. The lead agencies should be encouraged as part of their IBCCP duties this year, to do such outreach and enrollment. They can't do this if they are defunded.

Our Ask

• We ask for an immediate increase in funding of $5 million for the IBCCP in FY 13 to rid the program of the excessive number of women waiting for mammograms
• In addition, we would like a commitment to funding IBCCP at $25 million in FY 14 to prevent waitlists during FY 14. Any money that goes unutilized could be swept at year end to pay Medicaid bills.
• Prompt and immediate action is needed to save women's lives.

Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force
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