Mammography Technologist Training

August 2014

The Task Force is pleased to announce the launch of it's Mammography Technologist Training Program. The program is part of a larger mammography education initiative funded by the Coleman Foundation and provides training in positioning and compression for radiology technologists. Over the next year, mammography facilities can register their technologists for training by completing and submitting the required forms.  

Why launch a Mammography Technologist Training Program?

The Task Force evaluated care process at 26 institutions in Chicago and found a wide variation among radiology technologists’ understanding of standards for compression, a key aspect of mammography quality. While American College of Radiology (ACR) standards suggest that compression should be sufficient to ensure that a breast is taut (pulled or drawn tight with no slack), the responses from interviewed technologists indicated a need for additional training. Using proper compression improves the quality of the resulting image, reduces the “call back” rate for additional images, and minimizes the small amount of radiation the breast receives.  One goal of the Task Force is to improve the quality of breast care provided in Chicago.  By launching a Mammography Technologist Training Program the Task Force can address mammography quality through education. 






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