Quality Measures Data Collection Project

The Consortium collected quality measures around breast cancer screening and treatment from participating healthcare providers. These measures were chosen by the Consortium's Advisory Boards based on the Advisory Board's experience of quality metrics in this area and by review of the published medical literature regarding measures that indicate best quality care.

Screening Measures

  • Cancer detection rate (cancers / 1000 screening mammograms)
  • Percent minimal cancers (DCIS, ≤ 1 cm)
  • Percent early stage cancers (Stage 0, 1)
  • Recall rate (BI-RADS 0, or recalled)
  • Lost to Follow up
  • Time from screening to diagnosis

Treatment Measures

  • Percent receiving breast conserving surgery that go on to receive radiation therapy
  • Percent ER+ or PR+ that go on to receive hormonal therapy
  • Percent HER2+ that go on to receive herceptin
  • Time from diagnosis to treatment
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