Policy Initiatives & Advocacy

2019 Policy Agenda & Advocacy Priorities

Request $15 million State GRF for the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP).
The Task Force is requesting $15 million in state GRF to support the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP). Unlike many other cancers, cervical cancer can be completely prevented by vaccination (HPV) and high quality screening. Breast cancer, when found early, has an almost 100% survival rate. Additional funds will ensure that this program is accessible to everyone that needs it.

All this funding needs to be used to fully fund the current lead agencies, to expand to other organizations outreaching  to hard to reach communities and for a vigorous media campaign to let the public know that this program exists.  Due to multi-year funding challenges and the prior administration not spending money appropriated, this program has been effectively closed for many women.

Call on Dept of Healthcare and Family Services to implement the BEST Act and restart the Mammography Quality Program
The Breast Cancer Excellence in Survival and Treatment (BEST) Act was passed but the Rauner Administration never implemented it even though Governor Rauner signed the bill into law in August 2015.

The statewide mammography quality program was in operation up until February 2016 but the Rauner Administration halted it even though it is required in state law.  Research from the University of Illinois shows that poor women and publicly insured women are far more likely to have their cancers missed due to poor quality mammograms.  The Task Force also has shown wide variation in the quality of mammography.  This program was addressing this injustice and it was working.  Those who participated multiple years in a row showed significant improvement in their ability to meet quality benchmarks.

Support SB162 to expand access to diagnostic mammography services
Diagnostic mammography is often utilized as a breast cancer screening tool for symptomatic women or for a host of other reasons as deemed by a medical provider. High out of pocket costs are prohibitive for low to moderate income people and create systemic barriers to the breast cancer continuum of care, often resulting in a delay or lack of adherence to screening recommendations. Delays in diagnosis may lead to late stage cancer and higher costs for care. SB162 will ensure that diagnostic mammography services are covered by insurers just the same as ultrasound or breast MRI imaging modalities in Illinois.

Ensure access to data from the Illinois State Cancer Registry (ISCR)
Researchers currently face overwhelming obstacles while attempting access cancer registry data in Illinois. Effects of these access barriers stifle the progress of cutting-edge research and the flow of research dollars into the state.

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