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Positioning training available for mammography technologists in Metropolitan Chicago!

The Metropolitan Chicago Task Force and the Coleman Foundation are excited to bring a unique training opportunity for mammography technologists to Chicago. Our very own Train the Trainers (TTT), mammography technologists who have completed advanced training in positioning by radiology technologist program curriculum expert Louise Miller, RTRM are available to provide hands-on positioning training for mammography technologists at no charge to the facility.

What is positioning training?

Trainers will give a presentation on positioning and as well as provide hands-on training. Techniques taught by TTTs on positioning and compression is likely different from what you've learned in your formal training since the techniques TTTs use are those taught by Louise Miller, RTRM. If you have been able to attend one of Louise's trainings in the past, you may already be using some of her methods. Louise's techniques have been proven to improve quality in a variety of settings. If you or your staff would like to learn cutting edge techniques to obtain the highest quality images, please sign up for this free training.

What does my facility need in order to host a training?

The following is needed to help us plan for a TTT to come to your site:
1) Provide several possible dates/times for a possible training
2) Confirmed list of mammography technologists (group smaller than 10 - if more than 10 techs, multiple trainings can be scheduled)
3) Small conference room or space for lecture presentation (let us know if your facility has a/v capability, i.e. pc, screen, projector)
4) Dedicated room for imaging practice
5) Model for hands-on training

How long will the training last?

The techs should plan to be in the training 4-6 hours.

Why are we providing free training to Mammography Technologists?

The Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force has a goal of improving the quality of breast care. We believe that education is a crucial component of quality improvement that should be accessible to all technologists. Sometimes hospitals can support their technologists' continuing education; however we know that this is not always the case. To ensure that cost is not a barrier for interested technologists, the Task Force has received funding from the Coleman Foundation to cover the cost of this opportunity.

For more information and to sign up for a training, complete the survey by clicking here.

Please send your questions to the Ariel Thomas at or


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